Hey there! If you’re looking to cancel your Subscription with edamama, we’ve made the process as seamless as possible through our app, so that you have full control over your subscription management.

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Click the profile icon on your edamama account, then head on to your Subscriptions.

Step 2: Select the subscription you wish to cancel

Step 3: Click “Cancel Subscription,” choose the reason for cancellation, then tap the Cancel button

Step 4: Confirmation time

Click on Yes, Cancel Subscription.  After confirming, you’ll get a message saying your Subscription has been canceled. You will also get an email confirmation, just to keep everything official.

If you decide to keep the Subscription, you have the option to 

Important Note:

  • Your Subscription will still be active until the end of your current subscription cycle, even after you cancel. This will take effect in the succeeding months.

  • Coming back? If you ever want to subscribe again, just follow the same steps in the app. For more information, you may also click on this link: How to start a Subscription?

Need Help?

Got questions or ran into trouble? No worries! You may reach out to us here and we’ll help you sort this out!

We hope this guide makes canceling your Subscription a breeze. Thanks for being part of the edamama family, and we appreciate your support!