If you encounter an error during checkout, please contact us here with the following details so we can assist you promptly:

  1. A screenshot of your order and the charged amount

  2. A screenshot of the page where the error occurred

  3. Your order number (if available)

  4. List of items you ordered

  5. Date and time of your order

  6. Any voucher code used

  7. Are the items still in your bag or is your bag empty?

  8. How did you access edamama (e.g., website, Facebook, Instagram)?

  9. What browser and device are you using?

We'll do our best to help you resolve this quickly and process your order without delay!

Errors you might encounter

  1. Price Change After Checkout
    You may notice a price change if the item you added to your cart was on sale but returned to its regular price after being sold out. Don't worry! Keep an eye out for upcoming sales by following us on Facebook and Instagram for announcements.

  1. Voucher Code Not Successfully Applied
    Here are some possible reasons why you can't apply your voucher code:
    a. Voucher has already expired
    b. Voucher is not applicable on your purchase

    Check the voucher's terms and conditions to understand its usage better. You can also see excluded brands here.

  1. Cash on Delivery (COD) Option Unavailable
    Please note that COD payment is only an option for specific items or brands. Kindly choose another payment method to add this item to your cart.

  1. Failure to Receive One-Time Password (OTP)
    If you haven't received the OTP for payment security, try restarting your phone in case of message delays. 
    If the issue persists, contact your bank to confirm the registered mobile number for your payment method. After clarifying with your bank, you can attempt to place your order again.

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